Integrated Radiology Information System (RIS)
and Medical Billing Software

Rexpert will change the way you run your radiology practice by quickly and easily delivering the information you need to monitor quality, efficiency and profitability. It includes not only scheduling, registration and radiology workflow but also billing, radiology specific reporting and marketing tools.


 RIS, PM, Billing in One Solution
No costly interfaces to monitor or maintain. Any and all data elements readily available.

 Marketing Tools
System generated reports detailing top referrers and those who are trending above or below their averages.

 Preventive Services Eligibility
Real-time checks of patient payor and health history to assess eligibility. Includes Lung Cancer Screening, AAA Screening, DXA.



 Seamless Integration with PACS
Radiology orders and reports are communicated accurately and effectively between both systems.

 Radiology Reporting
Over 500 standardized reports available. Customizable to fit the needs of your radiology practice.

 Patient Web Portal
Patients can input demographics and payor information from a secure website prior to appointment.


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