Medical Billing for Vascular Surgery


AuroraEHR was built by and for Vascular Surgeons and Interventional Radiologists, We understand the intricacies of the specialty and in turn developed a system with one goal in mind - to simplify and streamline processes. Our EHR is user-friendly, fully customizable and designed for improved care coordination with other facilities, physicians and labs.

Schedule and track procedures, create custom procedure notes, and generate all necessary billing information for your interventional radiology center. On top of all of this, AuroraEHR is fully integrated with a state of the art medical billing / practice management software system, which has a 30+ track record of maximizing revenue.

Customizable EHR workflow and templates dedicated to centers providing an array of clinical services including:

  • Dialysis Access Care
  • Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) Treatment
  • Many More..

For over 25 years, hospitals, physicians and their practice’s have depended on the intelligent solution - Practice Alternatives Inc. – for expert medical billing services and software.

Our proven systems have effectively helped our clients increase revenue, decrease expenses and reduce technology headaches. 

The skill and complexity in maintaining a human body in peak health and efficiency is matched only by that of maintaining a successful business. Doesn’t your practice deserve the same level of attentive and skilled treatment as your patients receive?

PAI’s team of seasoned professionals consistently strive to ensure the success of your business. With PAI on board, you ensure your Account Receivables always receive the attention they require. Expert billing service matched with expert billing software for your practice is how Practice Alternatives ensures you keep up with ever changing technology requirements and retain 100% control of your practice.

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Are you ready to start seeing increased revenue?
PAI's expertise and commitment to success can get you there.


Are you ready to start seeing increased revenues?

PAI gives medical practices the power to reduce expenses and grow business, while unleashing staffing potential. How do we achieve this? By freeing you up to do what do you best: practicing medicine, not accounting. Focusing on your patients is what it’s all about.

Practice Alternative's expertise and commitment
to success can get you there.


What's The PAI Advantage?


Review Patient Data
Examination of documentation to ensure all services rendered have been captured. System checks that all patient information is complete and data is accurate and appropriate for billing.


Reduce Denials, Increase Collections
Diagnosis and procedure code pairings are reviewed, ensuring high acceptance rates by payers. We work with our providers if mismatches are too frequent and require a more in depth review.


Fix Revenue Leaks
Billing logic ensures every appointment has a corresponding charge. Our staff tracks and reports unpaid claims daily. We offer a variety of collection processes, including web-based payment options.

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Download Our E-Book

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Take Advantage of  Rexpert's 30+ Year Track Record

Practice Alternatives Inc. provides clients with complete solutions and integration when it comes to practice management software. In our efforts to ensure that you receive the best medical practice management software possible, our committed team of programmers and consultants continually work to improve and expand the capabilities of the current systems. Our dedication provides you with software that delivers accurate transcription services and professional medical billing in a timely manner.


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